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All CLARKE and CLARKE wallpapers and fabrics sold at discounted prices

S and A Supplies are pleased to be able to offer our customers CLARKE and Clarke wallpaper and fabrics at a discount prices.

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BOTANICA by Clarke & Clarke
Dramatic bold florals, abstract modern metallics & soft feather designs are just some examples of the wonderful wallcoverings available in this contemporary collection
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French inspired romantic trailing florals, made in the UK
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COLONY WALLPAPER by Clarke & Clarke
Tropical, exotic, plants, florals, damasks, roses, toile, stripes and pineapples
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COUTURE by Clarke & Clarke
Dramatic flocks and metallics in bold and lively colourways
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FLORIBUNDA by Clarke & Clarke
Beautiful floral and stripe wallpapers produced in a variety of techniques
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KIM PARKER - ART BOOK by Clarke & Clarke
Beautiful bold, exuberant floral styles in contemporary colours
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An exquisite collection of flowers, trellis, and peacocks
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REFLECTIONS by Clarke & Clarke
Sophisticated embossed vinyl patterns in neutral and metallic tones
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VIVA by Clarke & Clarke
Simple textures and stripes, dramatic feature wall florals and large scale, ornamental geometrics
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WILD GARDEN by Clarke & Clarke
Striking foliage designs, lattice and embossed grass cloths in modern colours