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S&A Supplies has been established since 1962

Apart from the boss and his wife their two sons also work full time in the business.

When poa is shown on our site it means price on application. Please phone us for details.

How to make a payment

You can use the trolly after making a selection. You can also phone your order to us on 01702 433945 or 01702 347949. If you email us do not send us bank or credit card details repeat do not send bank or credit card details.

All prices quoted are inc of V.A.T.

Most of our suppliers we have been dealing with for well over 25 years. Our business is 50% trade 50% d i y. We are now serving customers bringing in their children. It only seems like yesterday that their parents were bringing them in as small children themselves. How time flies when you're having fun.

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